Mother's Guide Through Autism

How to Reduce Daily Battles with Your Child with Madeleine Woolgar

July 07, 2021 Brigitte Shipman, Madeleine Woolgar Season 1 Episode 65
Mother's Guide Through Autism
How to Reduce Daily Battles with Your Child with Madeleine Woolgar
Show Notes

In this week's wonderfully helpful episode, Brigitte interviews Madeleine Woolgar, a speaker and parent coach to talk about how parents can reduce daily battles with their children. 

Madeleine began to work with families with children on the spectrum over ten years ago. Her work focuses on shifting the moms' mindset so they can go from guilt-ridden and stressed out to creative and clear-thinking and better able to take care of all that they need for their child. 

Madeleine talks about the common daily battles that parents engage in with their children like tantrums and control battles and how important it is for us to understand why these battles occur in the first place.  She urges us to get into the head of the child to understand what they need in the moment. 

In addition to understanding our child's why in doing what they do, Madeleine says that it's important to understand why you’re having the kind of reaction you’re having to your child’s behavior so that you can uncover hidden thoughts and beliefs that may be causing you to be more reactive. 

She explains why parenting strategies often don’t work and why working on your mindset is key to reducing battles with your child. 

She tells us to become aware of our thoughts  and ask, “What was I thinking about myself in the difficult moment?”

She also says that we need to give ourselves as much grace as we can in these moments of difficulty. She says to start with yourself in giving compassion because if you’re stressed, you cannot stay calm in challenging situations. 

She leaves us with this advice: Reach out for help if you're struggling.



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